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Welcome Back and Hello World!

I want to first start this out by saying, thank you. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us to continue this journey, let us use their home as a practice space, inspired our lyrics, and overall putting up with our shit these past years. It's been a long time coming, and while we haven't been sitting idly, we haven't exactly done much else, beyond sporadically jamming and briefly flirting with the idea of becoming a cover band (yeah, yeah, I know).

Now, on to an order of business; we welcome Wally into the fold, once again. Those of you who have known us since the beginning, know that Wally was originally in the group, but at the time our styles just didn't mesh. It wasn't anything personal, he remained a great friend to us through the years, at the same time finding his own way and his stage chops with a few other bands. But much like a springtime cold front in Texas, a perfect storm brewed of opportunity and talent, and he came out and auditioned for us. It was the right place, right time, as he belted out one of our staple songs (Fallen) and that was that - he was back in.

This most recent show at Warehouse Live was something special; our first show in 7 years, plus with a new singer, and on a Thursday night - ended up being a surprising success. My nerves are still on edge, my neck is killing me, and I have the biggest grin on my face, 2+ days later! Huge thanks to everyone that made the trek to EaDo; we'll definitely play a few more, after recording is complete...

Which brings me to the demo/EP - since we haven't decided which it is, I'll just call it the demo/EP. Right now, we're in the middle of recording a 5 song demo/EP. We've got drums recorded, bass and guitars are complete, and throughout the next week, we'll be recording vocals (shoutout to Brandon at Cavernous Studios). Look for the release coming soon!

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