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New Name, Same Attitude (plus Demo/EP update)

Hey guys,

Well, after some careful deliberation and discussion, we have decided to switch gears a bit and have changed our name to Four on Earth (4oE for short). While the TYD name served it's purpose, the addition of Wally to our lineup and a renewed focus on performing and writing original music, the name change felt like the right move. Be on the lookout for merch with the new logo (hope y'all like it).

Demo/EP update: all of the instrument tracking is complete, all of the vocals are done and we're in the process of mixing and mastering now (shout-out again to Brandon and Cavernous Studios). What we've got is a 5 song demo/EP consisting of: Fallen, Lost, Suffocating, Never The Same, and Alive. It's sounding incredible and we can't wait to share it with y'all! Look for a digital release soon with a CD release to follow shortly after. I imagine we'll be playing another show in the near future to promote it...

Stay tuned for more updates; now that we've got this ball rolling again, we'll be posting entries more frequently.

Peace & love,


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