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Back to Back Success

So 2018 went out with a bang, we played a great show at Acadia Live on Dec 30 and thanks to the sound/light guy, we looked and sounded better than ever. Much love to everyone that braved the cold & rain to come out and support! Also, huge thanks to the other bands on the bill - Perfect Animals, Cymblem & Illusion Five. We have video from the show available on YouTube:

Winter Wreck on Jan 13 couldn't have gone any better, huge crowd and great lights & sound again - huge thank you to GTS & White Oak Music Hall! Also special thanks to the other bands -

Low Man's Joe, The Crunge, The Red Sun, Water Dolphins, Ourselves + Others, & South Coast Ghost. Video from the show is also available on YouTube:

We'll be posting soon about some other upcoming shows a soon as the dates are 100% confirmed, also be on the lookout here for official Four on Earth merch!

Oh yeah, welcome to the new site - hope y'all like it! :)



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